UTV Utility Vehicle Rental in San Jose, California:

You can pick-up locally in San Jose, CA or have us deliver to you. Our UTV and 4×4 ATV units are also available on trailers and can be towed or delivered to your work site or riding area. Some of our UTVs and 4×4 ATVs can even be loaded into the back of a pickup truck. Our fleet of UTVs include large utility beds and towing capability great for the job site, outdoor work, hunting, camping, trail riding, and are even great in the dunes! Great for job site personnel and equipment transport as well. We also rent tow-behind bucket trailers with large off-road ATV tires if you need to haul even more equipment. Our UTVs and Utility ATVs are equipped with 4×4, and can handle the toughest terrain with ease. All UTV units feature a full roll cage ROPS system.

We will give you a hands-on overview of the unit before your rental so that you will be comfortable when you ride. You will receive a well-maintained UTV rental at a great price, most importantly a unit that will make your work or hunting trip more efficient and enjoyable! We are the only California Bay Area full-service RV and Power Sports rental company, contact us for special pricing on RV and Travel Trailer with UTV package rentals.