Jet Ski

Jet Ski Rental in San Jose, California:

We offer off-lake, self-tow California Bay Area Jet Ski rental. You can pick up locally in San Jose, CA. We can also offer delivery to most water locations as well. Our PWC are high quality units that can be self-towed to any lake in the area. Transporting our Jet Skis to Lake Berryessa, Lake Don Pedro, New Malones Lake, Lake Camanche Reservoir, the California Delta, or other locations of your choice is quick and easy! When you rent from us, you will rent on a daily or weekly duration, avoiding the “4-hour” or “8-hour” maximum restrictions of renting on the lake. Our off-site, self-tow PWC rentals are the most cost-effective way to enjoy your weekend at the lake this summer.

We will give you a hands-on overview of the unit before your rental so that you’ll be comfortable when you get on the water. You will receive a well-maintained jet ski at a great price, most importantly a unit that will provide you with the most FUN! We are the only California Bay Area full-service RV and Powersports rental company, contact us for special pricing on RV and Travel Trailer with Jet Ski package rentals. We rent our skis with complete packages that include: Trailer, Life Vests, & Safety Equipment. Jet Skis are rented on either single trailers or double trailers, depending on your preference.