Slingshot Rental in San Jose, CA. Bay Area Slingshot For Rent. We now have the Brand NEW Polaris Slingshot 2-Seat Reverse Trike for Rent! This is the 3 wheel vehicle you see around the bay area! You can pickup locally in Campbell, CA or San Jose, CA. We can also deliver to you, or pick you up from Mineta San Jose International Airport. When you rent from us, you will rent on a daily or weekly duration, avoiding the “4 hour” or “8 hour” style pricing.

We will give you a hands-on overview of the unit before your rental so that you will be comfortable when you start your trip. You will receive a brand new unit at a great price, most importantly a unit that will provide you with the most FUN! We are the only California Bay Area full-service RV & Powersports rental company.

Some of the local destinations are Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Napa, etc. You can take the unit on a road trip as well, more comfortable than a motorcycle rental. The Slingshot has an estimated 30 MPG, very fuel efficient and a blast to ride.